About the Illustrator

I am an illustrator in Minneapolis, MN. My formal training is in science, and I am still a nerd--a nerd who draws. Besides drawing, I love helping people understand things, dancing, ice-skating, bike riding, cooking overly complicated meals, anything Japanese, hanging out with my family, and the magic of making things by hand. I am available for commissions on Upwork.

4 Facts About Me


I'm the eldest of 5 sisters, who are scattered around the world. From eldest to youngest, we live in: Minnesota,  Japan, Germany,  Colorado and North Carolina.


I  broke my right ankle while ice skating.  Nine titanium screws hold it together. I still take ice skating lessons, and still plan to one day land an axel gracefully.


I am an obligate bicyclist. Bicycling is good for your health, good for the environment, and good for communities. When my kid got too big to easily carry around, I bought a bigger bike instead of a car. 


I hope to someday buy and restore a house in the tiny Japanese village where my sister lives, and run an artists' retreat there. We can help harvest rice and learn to make traditional foods and  crafts in between creating artworks inspired by the gorgeous mountain scenery.


I am available to illustrate your project, visually scribe virtual events, and paint portraits by commission. I also license images.

jinjer markley at gmail dot com (no spaces)

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