Jinjer Markley

children, hide and seek, garden, peony, bleeding hearts, game, kidlitart

A Game of Hide and Seek in the Garden

Black and white illustration from the Three Green Men, in the Lilac Fairy Book. Ink and brush

The Brothers Wait for the Thunder Witch to Pass

black and white illustration of an evil dwarf guarding his treasure. Ink and brush

Evil Dwarf Guarding his Treasure

Black and white illustration of a forest wolf boy for a updated Little Red Riding Hood. Ink and brush

Forest Wolf Boy

fairy, fire, candle, baby

How to Find a Fairy

trout, mermaid, lily, underwater, fantasy, pearl, baby

How to Catch a Merbaby

Black and white illustration of a witch from an Irish fairy tale.

Tangle the Tailor

kangaroo rat, cactus flower. cactus, cicada, doll furniture, desert

In Which Wing Eared Mouse Visits the Doll Furniture Store.

hummingbird, sneakers, character, intaglio

Hummingbird in Sneakers

toys, kidlitart,illustration, children's illustration, elephant, giraffe, rubber duck

Joyful Dog


Obstinate Cat

A silly goat based on a Japanese Nursery Song: shiro yagi-san kara o-tagami tsuita...

Silly goat, you're supposed to read your letters BEFORE you eat them!

This chicken is not really ready to become a mother hen.

Restless hen

A chicken Dreams of an Egg

A chicken can dream, can't she?

8" X 10"

New concept sketches for Junko in a looser style.

Junko character #2    

8" X 10"

A mermaid and a scuba diver share a gem.

The mermaid and the scuba diver

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